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Hello, and thank you for visiting my website. My name is Alžběta Arkach, and I am devoted to healing the mind, body, and soul. I was led to this purpose through years of practicing the yoga system and later traditional tantra.  Ananta comes from Sanskrit (Sanskrit: अनात), and it means eternal, endless; this is how I perceive not only the path of yoga and tantra, but also our being.

The mission of Ananta Yoga and Tantra is to connect body, mind and soul to find inner harmony and peace. The vision is to live in fulfillment and in health to enjoy life in all its beauty. It is an intention that has its roots in the system of ancient techniques of yoga and tantra. These wise and ancient teachings lead modern man to stop and look within himself. With the help of various breathing exercises, practicing yoga positions, concentration and working with our mind, we will gradually begin to discover ourselves. This infinite potential leads us to a sense of inner freedom, which then connects with the outer world. In this way, we gain knowledge that we can live in harmony not only with ourselves, but also with the world around us. Among other things, I also use sound-healing and the power of nature in the form of essential oils.

My yoga journey: The first time I came across yoga was in my early 20'. I had an inner desire for well-being and Yoga seemed to me like a way to get there. Since there were almost no yoga studios or schools in the Czech Republic (back then known as Czechoslovakia) at that time, I had no choice but to buy a book and start practicing by myself. "The System of Yoga in Daily Life" became my daily guide to my new adventure for a few years. Later on, I had another desire and I felt deeply called to travel to see the world. That's when my destiny took me to Great Britain and then to the United States. In the US I "settled" for another 15 years and this is where my yoga practice returned to full power. Since 2009, yoga has become my lifestyle. I participated in my first yoga training in 2011 and ever since I have been sharing my mission all over the world. 
Yoga and Tantra is an inner path of endless learning and realization of our true nature which help us also understand the world around us. 

Every change starts with a single step, yours can start today.


My offerings

Self-love package

This package is suitable for anyone who wants to dive deeper into themselves, connect with joy, love and inner freedom.

Personal consultation, guided meditation with visualization, music therapy, creation of a customized essential fragrance with affirmation.
Individual approach.

Self-Realization Package

This package is suitable for anyone who wants to dive into themselves and discover what is hidden inside them.

Personal consultation, breath work, guided meditation with visualization, music therapy.
Individual approach.