Essential fragrance with affirmation

Essential oils are known for their powerful therapeutic properties. But can you imagine that oils can help you manage your emotional and mental state and guide you on your spiritual journey?

Essential oils (EOs) can help you heal, transform and evolve on all levels - spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Aromatherapy is a technique that works with properties on a psycho-emotional level. If most of the time you live in captivity of negative emotions, depression, irritability, you can't find yourself and your goal, you want to improve your life and open streams of abundance in all areas, then this method is for you.

Essential oils have access to the limbic system of the brain, also called the "emotional brain". It is there that the feelings and emotions of difficult and traumatic situations are blocked and stuck. Essential oils are able to penetrate the limbic brain and help you break down the blocks that prevent you from being happy. Scents subconsciously or unconsciously affect our mental states, they are wonderful self-discovery tools for talking to your subconscious and Soul, thanks to which you get answers to questions that are hidden within ourselves.

Individually or in combination, essential oils can be used as allies to help you stay focused on your intentions, escalate your self-awareness, achieve a state of balance and well-being, and create and sustain positive change in your life.

Scents affect our moods, decision-making, and even our ability to understand, remember, and process feelings and emotions. The limbic system of the brain is responsible for interpreting signals and influencing mood and emotions, and also serves as a storage area. When a scent evokes emotion, it also evokes memories. In fact, smell is the most powerful trigger of childhood memories.

Essential oils have a real memory activation and healing effect for inner peace and renewal. You can use EO on many levels. Use these scents as treasures that Mother Earth provides to support you on your journey here. They can help you uncover pent-up emotions and feelings stored in your body, mind or spirit during a time in your life when you feel blocked or heavy but don't know why. With their help, unconscious influences can be changed into conscious intentions.

Based on Aromatherapy, I will create individual scents and affirmations that are important to use for the next 30-40 days.

I work with 100% natural EO brands

Nobilis Tilia, Doterra, Shadhi.