Education & Certifications  

2011 - Bikram Yoga Collage of India -  500 hours teacher trainning in  Los Angeles. Bikram Yoga aka Hot Yoga 26+2 is a two mounts, intensive course of Hatha yoga.

2013 - Coach Training Alliance - Personal development and healthy lifestyle coach. Coaching spreads the concept that an adult learns best through practice and own experience rather than just theory.

2014 - 2016  USA yoga - I participated in several championships and went through many trainings and seminars in the field of Hatha yoga with experienced teachers and mentors.

2016 - 2019  NCC - Norwalk Community Collage in Connecticut, USA - basics of psychology, anatomy and physiology.

2018 - Angelic Healing Center -  Reiki Level I, energy healing using Japanese alternative techniques.

2019 - Shree Hari Yoga in India - 100 hours couse Yin Yoga led by experienced yoga teacher and energy healer Luv Devi Ariestiani born and living in Bali.

2020 - Osho International - deep meditation course and meditation guide

2021 - Aromatherapie - course under the auspices of the Association of Czech Aromatherapists, which was conducted by an instructor with years of experience pi. Martina Hanzlíková.

2021  - Pranic healing - a course on how to work and heal with life energy Prana or Chi, Ki.

2020 - 2021 - The sacred power of the white snake - transformation courses led by the modern shaman Karaimi (sacred geometry, sacred sexuality, cleaning of the chakras - energy centers in  the body)

2021 - Satya Loka School - 300 hr. course Traditional Tantra, work with Mantra, Yantra, Yagna, advanced pranayama, meditation, yoga Nidra.

2022 - Kundalini Tantra - Samarpan Ashram Rishikesh - One week intensive course, advanced pranayama, chakra reading, kriya, meditation.